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NewBox Consulting is committed to help companies cultivate and implement transformation strategies that realise business objectives in an innovation and digital driven economy.

We firmly believe that the future of business lies in transformation. Digital technologies are spreading rapidly in much of the world, embedding themselves in various business sectors as well as society. The ability to innovate and digitalise is now an imperative, for long term growth or survival.

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Our Clients

Given that our services focus on refining business strategies which integrate digitlisation and innovation, we have been able to work with clients across varied domains such as IT, manufacturing, education and HR. At the same time, the sizes of the companies have varied from start-ups to SME to enterprises.

The Transformation Need (WHY)

Virtually every company, irrespective of sectors, needs transformation. The world we live in today is radically different from previous versions of economic progress.

While there are multiple elements that lead to transformation, Innovation & Digitalisation happen to be main drivers, shaping today’s business strategies. The impact of technology enablement on businesses and society, the demographic changes on user expectations coupled with an abundant availability of past data are disrupting the way products and services are offered.

Approaching Transformation (HOW):

We have put together management and technology experience. Not relying only on past experiences, we have spent time in learning and practicing Strategy, Innovation and Digitalisation ourselves.

The outcome has been a macro level framework that facilitates transformation. Complementing it is a set of frameworks that cover the business model. A structured and holistic approach increases the probability to drive measurable outcomes, while managing transition from one stage to another

The Method (WHAT):

Our frameworks help us analyse and synthesise the current status, blend in relevant future scenarios for your business and recommend a set of actions with a roadmap.

The roadmap is divided into manageable phases to ensure demonstrated progress while managing current operations. Our emerging partner network can assist you in implementing actions outlined in the roadmap, thus ensuring complete alignment.

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